The Windcraft Group is a unique alliance of three of Australia’s premiere yachting companies

Team Windcraft – Sailing yachts with design passion

Yoti – Australia’s best pre-owned yacht listings

eyachts – Sail and power niches

Individual Strengths

Team Windcraft - Australia’s largest yacht retailer

Famous for bringing the hugely popular Hanse, Moody and Dehler yachts Downunder. More recently the Team added the exclusive Solaris yacht to the portfolio. Team Windcraft is a sailing family - owners are part of a growing community of passionate sailors. If you want to go sailing in a beautifully designed yacht and enjoy superb after sales support, Team Windcraft lead the way.

Yoti - Australia's best exclusive yacht listings

Yoti is a cutting edge yacht brokerage specialising in pre-owned European production yachts. Their unrivalled market positioning means Yoti have consistent brand exposure with a high level of repeat business. Windcraft Group customers really appreciate Yoti’s marketing clout and negotiating skill when they decide to upgrade or downsize.

eyachts – sail and power niche specialists

eyachts is the Windcraft Group’s niche specialist. eyachts' portfolio includes the hugely popular Greenline Hybrid – perfect for sailors making the transition to power or those looking for a luxury power boat to cross oceans. With Shipman eyachts deliver a super-prestige custom-made yacht for the discerning sailor. eyachts customers enjoy the service and experience of the long established Windcraft Brand.

By combining these 3 strong units into the Windcraft Group we offer you unrivalled market insight, opportunity and service.

Windcraft Group Charter

What we promise you

- Unparalleled 360’ market insight

- Industry leading knowledge and experience

- Best practice – trust and confidence is everything

- Outstanding service and support

- Yachting opportunity at every level (entry to prestige)

- Strength and security through our supplier network

- Special rates and entitlements as a member of the Windcraft family

Passion for choice and opportunity in the sailing community

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